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About Me and My Blog

2016 Update: I’m still not good at making lists but now we have 4 kids, I teach at a university (love love love my job) and spend every waking moment reading, wrangling my kids, watching TV or running. I’m still thinking about writing that book….

2011: I’m not good at making lists. But I do like to write and I amuse myself daily (I probably think up one short story or poem a day but I never write anything down because I do not have any time to do so).

Why do I have so little time? I’m a graduate student, mom to three little wild things, I work 3/4 time and when I’m not chasing my kids, reading American Lit or answering really odd questions from customers at work, I’m eating or asleep. It’s thrilling, really.

But again, I like to write I just don’t have the time for the long, complicated, beautiful type of writing. So you get this. Random, quick, quirky and mildly amusing posts from someone who needs to majorly cut back in spending. My husband is a trooper and is used to my insanity after ten years together and he admits I have a point. We have had a lot of BIG THINGS happen in the last year. We bought a second house, we bought furniture for the house, we had a baby. All great, albeit super expensive, things. And now we need to take a money fast, tighten our britches and what have you. So I’ll write about how I do and do not spend money and hopefully I don’t bore you to death. Just promise to buy my book when I do get around to writing it.

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