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Buy All The Things (As Long as They Fit Properly and are a Good Investment)

June 8, 2015

My 30 days of no shopping ends tomorrow or tonight at midnight, if you want to think of it that way. Last night in anticipation of my deadline ending I went to just for a second to look at respectable shorts and other things I need. IMG_5699I told my husband I was working (I was working on some of my contract work) and then when he wasn’t looking I opened another window. I even put a few pairs of 7″ shorts in my virtual basket even though I wasn’t sure what size would fit and started browsing blouses even though I wasn’t sure if they would look right on my buxom self. While I was engrossed in the digital sorter of clearance (you can sort by COLOR now) Don walked by and asked what I was doing. I jumped and felt like I’d been caught red handed–and failing the 30 day challenge by one measly day. I deleted everything in my basket. Today when I got ready to run by work I had to look presentable so I wore a navy jersey dress with sandals and added a Pretty Particular statement necklace. It took me two seconds and I felt stylish and pretty.

Anyway, after I got home from errands and swimming with the kids I took a picture of my closet. This is what it looked like over 30 days ago and this is what it looks like today.



Upon cleaning out my closet I had a few mini epiphanies that I would like to share with you (and by you I basically mean Jane and Frances, since this whole thing was their idea and they reveled in my misery).

  • I need a jean vest. There were several times that I wanted something denim to put on over a dress or top that would make my outfit look cooler. It’s too hot for a jean jacket (I still wear my Gap Fall 2003 jacket religiously) but I could wear a vest and it would not be as hot.
  • My work clothes are basically a uniform of gauzy blouses and my one good pair of grey slacks (or jeggings that I wear on the sly and then hide from my Chair/Dean). I can’t stop wearing gauzy blouses because they are perfect for my workplace. It’s either stifling hot in my classroom or freezing cold. When it’s cold I can toss a cardigan or jean jacket over them but when it’s hot they are nice and airy and you can’t see the sweat dripping down my back. In order to make my work uniform look more put together I need to get a few metal statement necklaces and another well fitting pair of pants. I have my eye on Pixie Pants but I won’t buy them until I go and try them on. On my honor I will buy the proper size and then have them tailored if need be. I will not buy a smaller size and then tell myself that I will wear them with Spanx and lose 10 lbs. Cross my heart.
  • Grey sweatshirts are the best thing ever invented in the history of fashion. In college, which was very very long ago, I bought a grey hoodie from the Gap. It felt like heaven. However I promise not to buy anymore because I have two sweatshirts sans hoods and I do not need anymore.
  • When I think about clothes I love, I see my red sleeveless blouse from Loft that I bought on clearance last summer. I need more items that fill me with joy and can be worn not only at work but when I’m out in public with other adults. I seem to have only work clothes or soft clothes. There are very few items in my closet that scream date night or girls night or anything except “wear me to work” and “work is over so take off your pants.” Or maybe I should rephrase that as “take off all your restricting clothes and put on sweats and one of your husband’s shirts.”
  • Stripes are classic but I have too many striped shirts. I vow to not buy anymore.
  • None of my shorts fit or if they fit they are not appropriate to wear at my kid’s school/at my summer workshop/on a date/in a place where anyone takes a picture of me. I will buy at least two pairs of 5″ or 7″ shorts that are appropriate and donate my inappropriate ones.
  • I’m going to master the old school wearing of a silk scarf. I don’t really know exactly how this will happen or when but I have several of my late grandmother’s silk scarves and I am going to bring them back. I even have a few brooches from her as well. Do I dare?
  • My kids need nothing. Ever. I started sorting out their clothes and they have stuff they haven’t ever worn and we get hand me downs for the girls all the time so I really have no excuse. My next endeavor is to donate/sell in lots on yard sale pages and consolidate their wardrobes.
  • I will concede that an organized, pared down wardrobe makes it infinitely more enjoyable to get ready. Usually I stand in my closet, in front of my Crate and Barrel mirror from 2003 that was my first real adult purchase that I will never part with, sans pants while I lament that I have nothing to wear. I do have things to wear and it’s much easier to find my red top and navy blue jersey dress and accessories.

The 30 days gave me enough time to evaluate my clothing and to pare down. But would I do it again? Oh hell no. Even a relatively clean closet and slightly stronger self control doesn’t hold a candle to the rush that finding that top on sale with a coupon code and rewards cash for later brings. But I can’t buy it because it sold out in the 30 days that I wasn’t shopping. I’m going to go cry in my clean closet now.



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