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Unshopping update and soft pants

May 25, 2015

It’s been almost two weeks since I went public with my plan to stop shopping. I have gone into Target, TJ Maxx and Gap Outlet (exhale) and didn’t buy anything against the rules. Jane is keeping my accountable and makes me show her my receipts. She gets a sick pleasure out of this challenge, even though she will deny it. At TJ Maxx I only bought two organizing soft cubs, a hamper for Lu’s room and a clearance candle, which was clearly a necessity. We have four kids and three pets: it gets stinky around here sometimes. At Target I only purchased necessities and I didn’t even look at the clearance rack, even though I really need some shorts of an appropriate length. And while we were in Destin, Don had to go to the watch outlet and we needed another rash guard for the boys, which ended up being a waste because they took them off anyway.

I’ve cleaned out some of my closet but I’m not ready to show it to anyone yet. I still need to get the clothes that I’m keeping hung up and organized but I’ve managed to pare down my wardrobe quite a bit. A friend who drank the capsule wardrobe Kool-Aid told me about Style Encore (like Plato’s Closet for not teenagers) and I sold several items for a total of $85. A lucky friend in Michigan got a box of my “I just need to lose 15 more lbs” clothes to keep or pass on to her college aged daughter. There are a couple large bags of items to be donated as well, but somehow even with all that out of the equation, my closet doesn’t look right quite yet.

There are things I love that don’t love me back. I struggle with keeping these items; like any true hoarder, I have emotional attachments to my things. One of my new favorite items (purchased before the shopping fast) are soft pants from Old Navy. I bought them on sale ($12!) when I was in Michigan for a GMT (long story) with some of my friends from college. Frances and I drank breakfast margaritas while we got ready for a fun day of eating and shopping and this made our trip to ON even more exciting. Frances was so excited she stripped a mannequin to get the right pattern pants and Jane pretended that she didn’t know us while we giggled with anticipation over our super awesome deal. Jane thinks that soft pants are great for inside your home and probably shouldn’t be worn in public under the guise of being real pants. Frances and I were determined to prove her wrong.

The soft pants were on a special sale and I really wanted a pair. In case you don’t know what soft pants are, they are amazing pants that feel like pajamas but are appropriate to wear in public. Trendy, even. My students wear them all the time and manage to look put together and fashionable. This is not the case when I wear them.


Exhibit A

They do feel like heaven. But in full disclosure, I am not 5’10” nor am I am able to wear an XS. I have on a medium tank and pants here. Lu took the picture, which is why my face looks weird (but my hair looks great). I wore my trendy pants to pick up my girls from pre-school and my friend Erin, who is known for her candor and bluntness, asked “Are you wearing pajamas?” No, I am wearing really cool trendy soft pants! Right? Maybe if I had on a dressy top and cute sandals they would look less like pajamas and more like really awesome pants. But I can’t buy any white dressy tops right now (I have one that needs to be altered that I could maybe wear someday?) and flip flops are all that I ever wear, so that’s that.

Theresa 0

Jane 1

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  1. Christa permalink
    May 25, 2015 9:17 pm

    You look precious. I just bought a bunch of soft pants at a yard sale for $1. Shhh – don’t tell Adam. I am going to wear them when he is at work. 😉

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