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Pregnancy Rage

July 8, 2013

I haven’t been as angry this pregnancy and I was three years ago when I was expecting Lucy. I may have an extra kid to schlep around town, but she’s super cute and I’m only working 2.5 days in the office and from home in the mornings when I’m not in the office, so it’s manageable. Three years ago I was working 40 hours a week in the office and had a 3 and 5 year old that fought incessantly while I attended grad school at night a couple days a week. I kind of had a lot on my plate, especially when you consider I was taking a freaking Chaucer class and I hate hate hate middle English. I may have cried a lot in that class, especially when I had to write a 20 page seminar paper on something Chaucer related and when our prof, who was a really nice guy, kept saying “speculum” in reference to a literary magazine but I laughed so hard I almost wet my 32 weeks pregnant pants.

It’s hasn’t been a particularly hot summer and we’ve managed to stay pretty busy between play dates, the boys’ trip to Michigan and now VBS. God bless VBS. Those lovely people at my kids’ church are teaching them songs and other fun things about how Jesus is their friend and loves them (it’s United Methodist, which I find to be one of the “more love, less hell fire” types of churches) for a couple hours a night every day this week.

My jobs haven’t even been that annoying this summer. I’m going to go ahead and pound on my faux wooden desk right now. I don’t know if it because my schedule is less demanding or if everyone knows that I’m one “Why aren’t you answering the phones? Aren’t you the receptionist?” away from  a stabbing but everyone is keeping their distance and not annoying the crap out of me. [I am NOT the receptionist. I am the social media/PR person but we keep losing receptionists so sometimes I fill in BECAUSE I’M NICE.] My other job consists of me trying to find something interesting and witty to write about a local ginormous company that manufactures telecom networking equipment, which is easier said then done. I rack my brain trying to keep their social media feeds interesting and engaging and then someone posts a picture of the company name carved in a watermelon and that’s what ends up going viral?

Sure, the rage surfaces now and again over inane things. I know I’m entering that last couple months where you just start to hate everyone in general. Oh and if one more person asks if I’m having twins, I may kick them.

30ish weeks, NOT twins.

30ish weeks, NOT twins.

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  1. Aunt Jane permalink
    July 11, 2013 1:05 am

    Your hair is straight a pretty. Just remember, throwing remotes at cats with quick reflexes is ok. Throwing remotes at kids with slower reflexes…. not ok.

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