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And….it’s Summertime

May 31, 2013

School is out, kids are home and I’m going on my last trimester (ever!) of pregnancy. The kids have only been out a week but already I’ve remembered that there is only one sure fire way to keep them from killing each other or destroying my house during break: keep ’em moving. I find that when we have a day jam packed full of activities that they have less energy in the afternoons when the destruction and fighting usually sets in. Sadly, my neighborhood doesn’t have a pool (the only thing I don’t love about my ‘hood!) so we have to get creative, and by creative, I mean invite myself and my crew over to my friends’ houses during the week. It usually works out pretty well since the kids all love to play with each other and it’s way better for the moms to have someone to talk to while we’re on lifeguard duty. We all win.


I mean, look at these faces. They look practically angelic here, don’t they? Well this was taken on the first day of summer when I took them all grocery shopping and they ran around like wild hooligans and at one point I contemplated having the boys paged because they had wandered off and wondered about the ethics of using zip ties to hook Lulu to the shopping cart (NOT buggy, I don’t care how long I’ve lived in the South it is not a buggy. That’s weird.). As I checked out, they piled together in these little chairs and basked in the attention from the elderly check out ladies (Oh aren’t they darling! Beautiful children! Aren’t you so lucky to be having another?!) and James said “Mom, you should really take a picture right now.” So I did. And then Lu promptly announced that she had to pee (we’re potty training hardcore right now, yay…) and so off we ran.

But if I keep them moving, we all win. Play dates, swimming, trips to the Botanical Gardens, a VBS here and there and my sanity remains in tact. I’m only working in the office 2.5 days/week and I can work from home a lot so I try to knock that out in the mornings before all the action starts.

If you’re interested in reading about the half marathon I ran while pregnant, you can click here.  That was my last big run of the pregnancy. At this point (27 weeks, up about 18 lbs), I don’t so much run anymore. While James is at baseball practice, sometimes I feel motivated and get some walk/jogging intervals done but the most I’ve managed is three miles and right now it feels like 10. The Last Baby is due to be evicted around August 23, but I’m hoping she will be done cooking and want to come a little earlier than that.

As much as I love spending extra time with the kiddos during summer (I really do, I’m not lying), there are times where my thin patience mixed with my pregnancy hormones combined with my husband throwing out his back (again) make me really grateful that I can leave the house for 2.5 days a week. Today I made smoothies for the crew. Ben and Lucy spilled his allllllll over the wood floor and then got in a screaming match over whose fault it was. And since I’d been trying to be a nice, good mom and bake homemade muffins to snack on over the next two days (we have baseball all weekend), I was of course in the middle of that when SmoothieGate happened. So I hollered at them, which Lu shrugged off, and Ben ran away with his heart broken. James ran to get the mop bucket, which conveniently was close by since two days prior Lucy had spilled a half gallon of apple juice in the kitchen, resulting in a nasty, sticky mess. I asked James to find Ben and he shrugged and said, “He’s probably in his room, crying,” which made me feel awful because while I was supremely annoyed at having to mop AGAIN, Ben has a lot of feelings and he is easily wounded. Poor guy. But then this is the same kid that thinks it’s hilarious that I’m so “fot…it rhymes with pot because you are so big in the middle” and tells me to “stop talking about pregnant” so I think it’s a draw.


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  1. Tracy permalink
    May 31, 2013 6:52 pm

    Ha. Ben. That’s perfect.
    Also, I haven’t had you over, yet. 🙂 You know you’re welcome any time!

  2. Tracy permalink
    May 31, 2013 6:53 pm

    Also, when I was at publix yesterday, the man putting my groceries in bags said to me “well, at least you don’t have five kids.” At least they thought you were lucky to have more.

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