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August 18, 2012

Hi. My name is Theresa and I am (temporarily) unemployed and it feels delightful and scary and weird. I’ve worked for 3 years, 2 months for a car dealership doing Internet  sales and it burned me out. I have three small children at home and the customers (and some of the salesmen, let’s be honest) were more annoying and demanding than my young children. If you follow my twitter you would be aware of the situation as I threatened to stab myself/others on a pretty regular basis. So I finally quit, for the final and third time–the first two times I quit somehow I got suckered into staying and never actually stopped coming in to work.

I have a side job doing social media for a local Fortune 500 company (doesn’t that sound fancy?) so I’m not destitute. Yet. Here’s the thing about me not working a standard full-time job: I REALLY can’t spend any money but I’m hoping that now that we’ve eliminated the $200-$300 a week that I’ve been spending on childcare it won’t be that bad. Right? I’ve promised to keep the house clean, make lunches for the husband, plan a dinner menu, you know, all those good wifely things that I never do. I’ve never had time. We were good back in the fall for hot second and then the school year got going, I had a lot of school work to do and my former work decided that I had to work from office and not from home like I used to which is pretty much why I lost my shit. My office was the size of a medium closet, which is terrible for my claustrophobia, and annoying people constantly talked to me, which is terrible for my tendency to want to stab people with blunt objects.

I have resumes, applications and transcripts all over greater Huntsville (and some in TN) so I’m really hoping that someone thinks I’m a genius and picks me up to teach some freshman comp or whatever the kids are taking these days. Ideally I’d like to teach sophomore lit so we can get to the good stuff (which is anything challenged or censored in the last 100 years for racial/feminist/historical reasons). BRING IT ON. Also, hire me and let me tell you how wonderful I am.

So back to the whole budget premise: Saturdays are a day where I generally shell out $70 to my sitter (who is amazing and totally worth it) and if I don’t sell anything, my day is a draw. We have soccer all morning and a birthday party this afternoon so the kids will stay busy with little cost to me. Yay. I’m hoping I’ll only be (f)unemployed for a little while but I plan to enjoy it while I can. This can only mean more blogging, more time to work on my actual writing (I have so, so many stories in my head) and maybe my bedroom will stop looking like the mother of all hurricanes has blown through. Hahahahaha.

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  1. Bestie permalink
    August 18, 2012 3:41 pm

    Yay! (F)unemployed is sooo fun 🙂 In the 13 (eek!) years I have known you, your room has never NOT looked like a hurricane hit. So, in the spirit of personal challenges, I challenge you to have a normal bedroom, master closet and master tub by Sept. 20. And you can shove anything in the kids closets or your car. Oh, and save fun stuff for me to pillage.

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