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February 22, 2012

I’m baaaaaack! And because my life is just that ridiculous, I’ve decided that I am going to LIVE TWEET my experience at Disney this weekend. Are you ready for that? I actually hate twitter but I need to learn for work related reason so I’m going balls to the wall and I’ll be LIVE TWEETING about how I’m going to try to not spend any money at the most ever loving expensive place on earth. Why are we going, you ask? Well, my very nice in-laws purchased tickets for my children so we could take a trip for the kids’ birthdays last spring on the first weekend of May. But then a little thing called an E5 tornado hit our town and we didn’t have power for 8 days so we canceled that trip and rescheduled for this February so my very nice mother-in-law could meet one of the goals on her bucket list and run/walk the Disney princess half marathon. I’m running it. For sport. Yep.

So we knew this trip was coming and apparently we failed at budgeting and we also forgot that we both work on commission (big fail) and so now, we are going to go to one of the most expensive places that exist in the United States of America. I plan on bringing lots of granola bars, water bottles and other snacks to keep the children at bay. I stocked up on Think Thin bars for a quarter at Publix (on sale for $1.25, $1 off coupon) so I should be good. Right? As long as I have some knock off five hour energy whatevers I should be good for my run. It’s at the unholy hour of 5:45 AM and if you know me in the slightest, you’re probably making a stink face imagining me awake at 5 AM. Generally it’s only when we’re taking a plane somewhere and I am grumbling/yelling at Don something along the lines of “this is the ONLY flight we could have taken? NOTHING else existed? WHY ARE YOU HAPPY!”

On a happier note, I had my a great trip at Publix on Saturday. I spent $25 and saved $70. WOO HOO. I was able to give my sister and my babysitter each a couple bags of groceries and stocked up on cereal, pasta, canned veggies, protein bars, etc for me. All in all I bought 36 items and everything was on sale.

Oh and to follow me on the twitters my handle (is that the right word? I hate technology) is @TheresaMoira. Follow me, people!

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