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Coupon A-holes

December 12, 2011

There are people who coupon and then there are coupon a-holes. Since I’ve taken extra steps to ensure that I save a buck I’ve become more aware of couponing etiquette. Such as, when you have a “buy one, get one free” or “free” coupon, place it with the item so the cashier doesn’t have to look through your eleventy billion items to find the price. They won’t believe you no matter how many times you insist that it was $2.99 so make it easier on everyone and keep that coupon and item together. Also, you won’t die if you grabbed the wrong thing of margerine and bought the full priced one rather than the BOGO one. I might kill you if you leave the line to go back and exchange it though. It’s $2 and not .40. Boo flippin’ hoo. And please don’t be this lady that I had the pleasure of standing behind in Walgreen’s the other day, which led me to mutter “coupon asshole” behind her back.

She did multiple transactions, which is FINE, except when there is one cashier and a big ass line. You can’t wait until all the people with two items go ahead of you? My coupon karma insists that I let anyone with a single item or two cut in front of me. But I’m not an asshole. Anyway, she couldn’t be bothered to clip out the Walgreen’s coupons so she made the ONLY cashier scan the ad over, and over, and over until I’m pretty sure he wanted to stab her. And not only did she take freaking forever (the old lady between me and the a-hole gave her the most evil yet hilarious looks ever, let me tell you!) but after all this the Walgreen’s cash coupon dispenser stopped working. OMG. The world was ENDING I tell you, the Earth was seconds away from smashing right into the effing sun! The a-hole looked at the cashier, who was all of 20 years old and looked on the verge of tears, and demanded a manager. The manager came (another 5 mins in line, yay!) and apologized and said she had to reset it, or something, so crazy-pants would have to come back for her $3 coupon in Walgreen’s cash. So crazy-pants lady starts breathing flames, grandma is about the punch her in the face and I started laughing because this is such a spectacle and she is such an a-hole. Crazy-pants lady’s friend walks over (she’d already checked out with her giant ass folder of coupons and was looking at the make up, missing all the action) and asked her how she did and if she got her Walgreen’s bucks or whatnot. Oh no you didn’t! This sets of the a-hole and they walk out the door grumbling together and I resist the urge to literally give her a swift kick in the arse. It’s not nice to kick random strangers in the arse, but Lord did I want to. I’m pretty sure grandma did too, from the way that she pushed between the two ladies on her way out. Haha. I just wanted to buy a birthday card!

Get your coupons out before hand, arrange the “free” ones as necessary, let the people with an item or two cut unless you’re in a major hurry and be nice to the cashier. It’s really not that difficult.

My trip earlier in the week was amaze-balls and I managed to score 2 razors, blades, 2 bottles Triaminic, 2 bottles of John Frieda shampoo and $8 in candy (I have a weakness for Ghiradelli peppermint bark and the kids needed chocolate gold coins for St. Nicholas’ Day) for a grand total of $32. (The shampoo was $6.99 each, the Triaminic was 2/$10, the blades and razors and blades were all $8.99 a piece.) How did I do it? I had a FREE coupon for one razor, a $2 off for the blades, a $2.50 off the other razor, a BOGO for the John Frieda, two $1 coupons for the Triaminic and some Walgreen’s cash. I saved $38.84 and it would have been even better if I hadn’t blown $8 in chocolate, so $24 for $62 of merchandise. And I got a $10 in Jingle Cash and two $3 coupons for extra bucks. Heck yes!! And I did it all without pissing anyone off. Go me.

Oh but I blew my grocery budget ($130 at Publix) and we got chinese on Friday (but I used a $4 off coupon). But we had a great week with our Ugly Sweater party, my last final exam EVER as a graduate student and my awesome moms’ group got together presents for 50+ foster children through Seraaj Foster homes.

Have a great week, my friends!

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  1. December 31, 2011 1:34 am

    You make me laugh so much.
    How long is this budget thing in effect for?

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