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Weekly recap: well….

November 30, 2011

I am weak. So weak. Black Friday came and went and while I don’t do the insane-wake-up-at-3 AM-and-get-pepper-sprayed-at-Wal Mart-thing, I love me some online shopping. LOVE. I had to work all day and J Crew, Gymboree, GAP and every other store that I’ve ever stepped into kept bombarding me, like rabid little suicidal bees, over and over and over. STOP with the discounts, bzzzz, I’m on a BUDGET. Wait, don’t I have a coupon?!

So I broke down. I justified it by saying that I needed new work clothes (nothing made of terry, even though I love nothing more than a good hoodie and new sweat pants form GapBody, God how I love fresh cotton sweats…) I’m graduating from graduate school in May (should have been December but I had a mental break and postponed my exams for a semester) and I will be getting a for real, big girl, grown up teaching job. I hope. I’m going to need to look fresh and professional and adult-like, or something. The original price is in the parenthesis and now be amazed at my thrifty ass skillz. I bought an elbow-sleeve tunic sweater in black ($59.95), a wide-striper sweater ($44.95) and a purple printed wrap dress ($59.95). I used a 20% off purchase code (-$16.79) and a $20 reward and got FREE shipping, so everything for $49.74, which is pretty good.

And we bought a new washer and dryer. SO BAD. I KNOW. But my dryer has issues and it was taking up to THREE HOURS to dry a load of towels, just think of how much energy we’ve been wasting. And it was making our clothes smell all mildewy and gross. But it was such a deal. And technically we didn’t buy it buy it, HHGregg had a 0% for 24 mos and it was 33% off the list price. They are the HE LG ones and they are amaze-balls, to borrow an expression from Jane. I can literally sit and watch the washing machine all day. It uses such a small amount of water that I can hardly believe that the clothes are cleaned that way. And now all my towels don’t have to be thrown away, and my energy bill should be lower since we won’t be running the dryer all freaking day long. We’re selling the old set (and we’re honest about the dryer issue) so we can put that toward the new ones.

I hit CVS this weekend, they had a spend $30 on P&G and get a $10 gift card (hello, teachers’ gifts!) and I had a crap ton of good coupons. $2 off Tide (making it $3.94 a bottle, hells yes), $2.50 off CoverGirl (which were buy one, get 50% off) and a few other randoms for Dawn, batteries and whatnot. So I spent about $20 after coupons and got a $10 card to Barnes and Nobles. 🙂 I’m going to use my other CVS card (what, you don’t have two?!) so I can get the same deal again.

We’ve been slightly off our budget this week due to the craziness of the end of the semester, Thanksgiving stuff and what not but the crack down is starting back. It’s ON. Except I have to buy stuff for the foster kids that we sponsor for Christmas, but no worries. I’ve got Target coupons galore and a small stash of stuff I bought in advance a couple months ago. It feels freakishly good to spend money on the Seraaj kids knowing that these items will be put to good use. We get them all the necessities like socks, underwear, winter gear and whatever else they’re requested but we also try to buy them toys or their one special thing that they are wishing for. These are items that the kids own and are able to take with them back to their home or to there next foster family.

Charity. It does a body good.

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