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Are we heating the sky? No? SHUT THE DOOR.

November 5, 2011

I didn’t post on Friday, but it was a half day work/MMO day for kids, so it was a draw kind of day. We did go to Target where I spent the lowest amount of money that I’d ever spent in a Target in the last 10 years, and no, I’m not exaggerating. $18 and change. For the last 10 years, every time I walked in to Target it was like $100 just magically evaporated from my checking account and never had much to show for it, except some random groceries, random things for the house and random bits of clothing. But Friday I went in, armed with coupons, and bought apple juice, Coke, buns, cheese, Chex Mix, baby shampoo and some other odds and ends and after my $8 in coupons, it was only $18. Weird. I then used a gift card to put gas in my car, so that was cool.

And that brings us to today, Saturday. Today was supposed to be an 8 hour work day (give or take, I have a flexible schedule because my managers are seriously that happy that I still come in–more on that later) but I had a 5k at 8 am so our favorite sitter C came over to wrangle the spawn. So….I spent $25 at my 5k, but it was all for a good cause (check out and it looked to be a small race, which means all kinds of good things. It meant I could listen to my ipod (something that you can’t do with RRCA races), I would have to cut around joggers and it looked to be a flat course. WELL. It was so small that there were very few runners, almost everyone was a walker. So this meant that the good men runners took off at a brisk 6:45 pace and I was behind them at an 8:00 pace and the joggers/walkers were waaaaay behind me at a 12:00 pace. This meant that for the whole race I literally ran all by myself since the men were so far ahead I couldn’t see them. For 2.5 miles I’m thinking “wow, I’ve never won a race before, I can’t wait to tell my husband…” as I’m power running to Britney and Rihanna and then I see a sign that says 3 miles. But I look at my gps watch and it reads 2.75 miles, so I think “we must have a loop to do and then we’ll cut back and finish at 3.1.” And I look at the cop directing traffic at this intersection and he waves me to the right. WRONG. He assumed I wasn’t part of the 5k and just a jogger and was waving me through since there was no one else with me. So I run to the end of the road to the overpass and it dawns on me that this is NOT the course, I’ve run way off course, my time is ruined, I’m definitely not going to win and I’m ready to kick the cop in the shins.

I backtrack and end up walking through the finish line in angry tears because this was looking to be a really fast time (probably because the course was a little short) and I immaturely toss my card at the table and mention that they misdirected me and I should have been the top female. Then a nice lady runs after me because now I’m a sweaty, angry, tearing mess and says they’ll refund my money and she’s sorry but I was so far ahead of the other group of runners the guy has assumed I wasn’t part of the 5k. I explained that I was just upset because I was shooting for a PR and I really wanted to win and that she could keep my registration fee (I mean really, I’m not going to take money away from pancreatic cancer research!, even if I am on a money fast).

And then I went to work, where I got free lunch and everyone laughed at me for getting lost at the 3 mile marker (I mean seriously!!) but I had free Mexican food and it made me feel better. I have the half marathon next week and my irritatingly positive husband told me to cheer up and win next week. HAHA, honey, HA. I’ll just sprint those 13 miles, easy peasy.

So tally for Friday: $18 at Target (lifetime achievement award)

Saturday: work/babysitter: DRAW

free lunch, hooray

$25 to a very good cause, even though they made me cry

Goals for saving money for the week include one light on in a room at a time, open the windows more, keep the heat low, don’t run the exhaust fan all the time and tv only on if you’re watching. We’re bad about lighting up the whole house and keeping tv on for background noise.

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