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Gift cards are the bomb

November 3, 2011

Today was all about gift cards. It was my husband’s day off, which meant I worked and he hung out with the littles. He took them on an adventure to a magical store called Dick’s and then to another wonderful place called Best Buy. He had a gift card to Dick’s and several store ‘rewards’ for BB that expired soon, so he had to use them. Of course. It was win-win for everyone, B picked out a DS game, D got new gloves and energy bars and they got out of the house and resisted the urge to go through a drive thru.

I worked (9-4, give or take) and ate birthday cake and a not very good Stouffer’s lasagna for one that lived in the work freezer that was fair game, so while I only spent .35 today on a Diet Coke (I bummed a quarter off my co-worker) I didn’t eat very well. But I did make an extra $5 since my manager paid me back for Subway last week. Score!

And today is extra super awesome because I’m going out to dinner at a Japanese steak house with my friends to celebrate birthday. And while I don’t have a coupon, I do have a $25 Visa gift card that I’ve been hoarding to use so I can go out with some great company and eat some fabulous hibachi and still not really spend any money. I’m actually in a really good mood today, work was low-key and I printed off 40 new coupons (Target has some new ones up today, yay!). Now all I have to do is stop anxiety dreaming about my Hemingway project and actually work on it.

Day 3 tally:

T worked $$$

Daycare $0

Money spent: .35

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