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Day 2 down, 40 to go.

November 2, 2011

I figured 6 weeks is a nice even number for our money fast and then we can go from there. That takes us to December 13, which is right smack dab in the middle of the insanity that we call the holiday season.

So today the kids went to MMO (HA! “moms morning out,” like I ever have a morning out, more like “race like crazy to work for a half day only to race like crazy back to nursery school to pick up monkey children.”) which is $157/mos per kid, for three days a week from 9-1. It’s really not a bad deal, it’s less than I’d pay for a sitter and the kids actually learn stuff. Even though Lulu has learned a lot already from her Aunt B who is currently shacking up in our spare room. Lulu’s favorite song is “Blow” by Ke$ha and she proudly sings the chorus “Blow-ow-ow-ow-ow-ow” and she can yell “hi-ya.” Anyways, they went to school and I went to work, so we’ll call it even. Let’s pretend I make more than school costs but really, I work at a car dealership where every paycheck is like Christmas morning, except sometimes Santa forgets to come and you’re super sad and other times it’s like you got the biggest and best toy from the Toys R Us catalog. Really. But I walked to the post office today to drop something off since I figured it was a waste of money and sunshine to drive over there, and it only took me about 5 minutes. Cheap for the win.

But I did buy some stuff, which I will tell you all about so you can yell at me. I stopped at CVS because I had some extra bucks and a store coupon that was close to expiring for diapers, and even though I CD her butt at home, her dad “forgets” that we do that (even though I’ve done it since J was 18 months old and he’s 6.5 now) and puts her in disposables (the earth is crying, Don!) and so does her nursery school. I needed them and more importantly, I needed them CHEAP. CVS had Pampers on sale for 2/$18, which is ok since they usually price them crazy high at $12.99 each. Ridiculous!  But I had 3 coupons ($2 off manufacturer, $3 extra bucks, $3 CVS coupon off 2 Pampers) so I paid $10 (before tax) for two 31 ct Pampers. Not bad.

Then after school we stopped by Publix, since it’s Wednesday (ad change day, hooray!) and again, I had coupons close to expiring. Here’s what I got:

  1. box o’ Capri Sun
  2. 2 boxes Lucky Charms
  3. gallon milk
  4. OJ (we should call is $J)
  5. 2 Kraft cheese bricks
  6. one tub country crock
  7. 2 green giant steamers
  8.  package boneless/skinless chicken breast
  9. 2 bottles Kraft ranch

After coupons, my total was $22.41. I had $11.80 in coupons but all the things that were 2 were BOGO, so if you count that I saved $29.91. Not bad. I spent $50 on Monday right before I decided to start this fast so I’m at almost $80 for the week on groceries, which isn’t bad since on Monday I bought a crap ton of produce and lunch meat for the week.

Tally for November 3:

Work/kids school– we’ll call it a draw

Diapers for the next few months $10 and $22 in groceries. Not terrible.

OH. And Don’s eaten at home for the last two days. I love him. Even if he did eat my awesome leftovers from my Grille 29 dinner last night for lunch that I wanted to eat for lunch today.

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  1. November 3, 2011 2:19 am

    I love this. Yep.

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