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Reality Bites

November 1, 2011

So. Admitting it is the first step. Hi, I’m Theresa and I’m on a budget. Now, this isn’t going to be one of those blogs by a coupon guru that writes things like “my husband has a great job and I don’t need to coupon, I just like to!” There are several reasons why not but I’ll just give you a couple of the good ones. A) That’s a really shitty attitude and it annoys me and I want to slap you. Because some people need to coupon, so don’t patronize them/us. B) Your husband sounds like he needs his manhood stroked and if he needs ego boosts like that, then I’m sure he’s irritating.

That being said: I am starting this blog to hold myself accountable. I’m not the most organized person and this will allow me to enter in my expenses daily and make good choices, because I’m nothing if not a damn people pleaser.

Here’s the skinny:

  • mom to 3 young kids (J Dubs is 6, Bean is 4 and Lulu Vicious is 1.5)
  • graduate student with one ever loving semester left and I’ll have a MA in English Literature (because that’s marketable!)
  • going on a money fast–it’s like when we bought our house and didn’t spend a dime out of our checking except to bills, except this time no charging anything on credit cards
  • I work 3/4 time, some from home, some from the dealership so you might get to see fun stories about work. It’s like The Office, but with cars.


November 1 tally:

Worked from home: $50

Money spent: $0! (playdate at a friend’s, gym, going to a FREE dinner at Grille 29 for work)

So far, so good.

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